Its raining again in Brussels

Article published on Feb. 17, 2010
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Article published on Feb. 17, 2010

Author: Agnes Lima

It’s raining again this morning and the wind makes a rustling noise when it rubs against the windows. It’s the second week that I refuse to carry my umbrella with me and I seek shelter under the eaves of the buildings stretching along the way to my office that is only a minute away from Place du Luxembourg, known for being an after work party place for people working in the European Parliament and the surrounding offices. It’s been two weeks since I have my ID card with the inscription ‘stagiaire’ or intern, and I need to show it every time I walk in and out of the Parliament’s building. A common sight every morning and after working hours are young people rushing to the subway or the near-by cafes for a beer or a cup of coffee. Dressed business casual, they hail from every corner of Europe and are replaced by another batch of young people every five months or so; the internship programmes of the European Parliament and other European institutions usually last that long. The amount of money you receive is just enough so you can share a house/flat with a couple of room-mates, take a short trip to Paris or Amsterdam, go shopping in Antwerp, or go down to the sea in Knokke. On weekends people go out for a beer or a round of partying; interns are always eager to meet new people, because everybody is new in town.

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