“It’s not about traveling, it’s about experiencing things”

Article published on Jan. 12, 2010
Article published on Jan. 12, 2010
Interviewer: Ana Alibegova I will never forget the day I met Kate Morton for the first time. It was on a training course in Prague, in the heart of Europe. While doing some warm-up exercises at the seminar, a good-looking blondie approached me and started asking me questions about the things I like, things I dislike, and so on and so forth.
It became obvious that I had a lot of things in common with this Polish girl, who seemed to be very talkative. Our first “serious” talk was about clothes and make-up. Three years have gone by and I am still in contact with the talkative lady, but now our conversations are much deeper and even our English is much better than that time in Prague, when we did most of the communication with our eyes, rather than words.

Kate is a real “child of the world”. Born and raised in Poland, she experiences multiculturalism from an early age. Her grandmother married a Chinese immigrant, who stuck in Poland for good, disregarding his initial intention of making his way to “the brighter world” in Western Germany. “In my home you can find some Chinese dictionaries, forgotten letters from China, little evidence of an Asian life. Multiculturalism, awareness for the other parts of the world, and a sense of freedom were always encouraged”, Kate says.

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