It’s Babel France’s turn!

Article published on Nov. 30, 2007
Article published on Nov. 30, 2007
From 5th to 9th December, Paris will be scrutinized, analysed, and deciphered by five journalists of Babel for the first Parisian Europe On The Ground. They will come from the far ends of our continent. And for the first time, it’s not really a metaphor: Greece, Estonia, Portugal, Italia, and Poland.

But it’s out of the question that for them, Paris only rhymes with « metro, boulot, dodo » (underground, work and sleep)! It would be a lie on the French lifestyle. Indeed, we know that in France, there’s no underground (due to the strikes!), they laze around and they live it up…

That’s why, a small welcome party is organised in one of the many pubs in Paris: Alimentation Générale ( 64, Rue Jean Pierre Timbaud-75011 Paris) . Let’s meet from 7.30 p.m, on Thursday 6th. Metro: Oberkampf.

Who is invited?

Everyone from Babel, from the blog, the radio, and the ones we never see!

Apart from meeting our friends, coming from very very far, it will also be for us an occasion to know each other better. Indeed, after thousands emails (sorry for the number), hundreds of articles (each one very nice), dozens of meetings (everyone exciting), we all deserve a bit of relaxation! Na Zdrowié!

BabelFrance is not a closed club and everyone interested in the adventure can come! Reading this text is also an invitation. Just one thing: if you decide to come in a coach full of people, please let us know…just to avoid surprises!

And I don’t forget the members of RCE, who will be our VIPs.

Did you say trap?

Concerning the title of the announcement, it was there only to make you click, and this for two reasons:

-         for you to be aware of the event, BabelFrance has to deliver information

-         to make you click on the blog for the charts!!!

However, we are doing our best to get good prices for you for the evening. The negotiations are on the run.

No hard feelings?

See you on Thursday,

Jean-Sébastien Lefebvre / Translation: Brunhilde Lecomte