Italian catholic NGO wins 2008 Aachen Charlemagne prize

Article published on Dec. 15, 2008
Article published on Dec. 15, 2008
The prize, which has been given to individuals or groups working for EU identity, peace and humanity since 1950, goes to Andrea Riccardi, 58. The founder of Sant'Egidio is the first such recipient of the annual award

Traditionally, European politicians like Jacques Delors, Helmot Kohl or Winston Churchill, or even heads of government like King Juan Carlos I, Bill Clinton or Juan Pablo II, have won the Charlemagne prize. Poverty aid and the many acts of international mediation carried out by the Sant'Egidio organisation tipped the balance in 2008.

The Charlemagne Prize for Youth will be given out for the second time in order to involve young people in strengthening Europe. The first edition was won in April 2008 by Hungarian project 'Pupils without borders'.

Applications are welcome from 28 February 2009.