Is This The Most Useless Man In London?

Article published on July 24, 2009
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Article published on July 24, 2009

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Forget the certain London MP and Government Whip who owned two homes equidistant from Westminster, or perhaps the wide variety of cronies that both Mayors of London have employed in the past, together with their various indiscretions, from dinner with the hobby horse to downright cronyism.
Ladies & Gentlemen, we have the most useless man in London politics, a sheer waste of space, a vacuous waste of money and a man who has no parallel when it comes to putting foots in mouths and bums in cabs.

Brian Coleman is the London Assembly member for Barnet & Camden in North London. Not that anyone in Camden would admit voting for him. As a former LB Camden man, I personally blame Barnet for keeping him in place. From calling a London MP 'ditzy' for calling in the fire brigade after funny noises from her boiler, to shamelessly claiming over 10,000 pounds on taxis when members of the London Assembly already receive a Zone 1-6 Travelcard free, nothing seems to be taboo for what many round here call 'The Toad'. Nor does he seem to have any shame in engaging in the sort of behavior that the Telegraph would be more than happy to label 'completely outragrous'. Brian happens to hold the distinct honour of being the last London AM to publish his expenses, and only after a rather nasty blasting from ol' Boris himself. The list, as you can imagine, goes on far longer than I can be bothered to elaborate upon in one short post.

Could this be the most useless man in London? I certainly think so.