"Iraqi Provincial Elections" - Online Conference by Mr. Paulo Casaca

Article published on June 27, 2008
Article published on June 27, 2008
Bellow, I post the web link that will allow you to attend, via remote access, to the conference "Iraqi Provincial Elections" hosted by Mr. Paulo Casaca (Member of the European Parliament) today, Friday, June 27th, at 5 PM (UTC), 7 PM (Paris Time) To attend, go HERE Mr.
Casaca and a member of Babel Project have been recently invited to visit Iraq and attend some significant events, including a conference promoted in Ashraf (the PMOI base, protected by USA Army) where a petition of 3 million Shea Iraqi citizens was presented, against the Iranian Regime's presence in Iraq.

Mr. Casaca was also present at a meeting with the National Council of Iraqi Tribes, where several leaders requested the international community to monitor the next provincial elections properly and to stop sending EU funds to the Iraqi Government, since they are not reaching populations at all.

I will be posting several articles about this subject . Today's conference is only the first glimps. Feel free to join us:)