"Iran and Islamic Fanaticism"

Article published on April 16, 2008
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Article published on April 16, 2008
"Iran and Islamic Fanaticism" is the subject chosen by Mr. Paulo Casaca for the fourth event of the on-line debates cycle, hosted using Second Life, the virtual reality program of Linden Labs which connects more than 10 million citizens from all over the world. The conference will take place in April 30, at 14h30 PM PST. Please register HERE. Mr.
Paulo Casaca is a member of the European Parliament and the first EU politician to use Second Life as a way to reach new publics, debate World Issues and inform about European Union themes.

The first conference, entitled "From Berlin to Baghdad - Lessons to be taken from the Iraqi drama" took place in January 18th, in Second Life, and got together more then 30 University Professors, students and Media from many different countries.

The second conference, entitled "CIA Flights to Guantanamo Bay" took place in February 22nd, in Second Life, and was subject of front page in national news, Portugal.

The third conference, entitled "Ethnic Minorities in the Middle East" took place in March 28th, in Second Life - podcast available.

If you wish to attend this conference, please REGISTER. If you are not a Second Life user, Babel Project will be glad to guide you all the way. We will create, place and identify your avatar and we will send you instructions to optimize the usage of the program.

Babel Project was created to help Educators, Institutions, Associations, Students and Media into the use of Web2.0 and 3.0.

Currently, the primary tool we use is Second Life, created by Linden Labs. Second Life, is a 3D social network, substantially rich in learning resources.