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Article published on Feb. 8, 2012
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Article published on Feb. 8, 2012
Elida Lyd Zylbeari It’s snowing in Macedonia. Houses, streets and life are covered in those white cold natures’ snowflakes. At first glance it’s lovely, having in mind the children laughter while playing with snow-balls or the fact that the snow covered all the imperfectness of urban life.
Tetova_Qyteti_i_Studenteve.jpgSumeja_Zylbeari.jpgTetova qytet i studenteve

On the other hand, this snow idyll has created such a mess in the traffic of our cities that only God himself can clear it out. All over Skopje I see angry drivers and confused pedestrians. It looks like Mother Nature is playing a comedy upon us mortals. And the road cleaning service, oh, they’re not lazy, noo, its just that the snow its more ambitious than they are. Skopje1.jpgRober_Atansovski.jpg

It couldn’t be that bad after all. Right? Even though I spent a lifetime getting at my favorite bar in Tetovo, I saw the mayor companioned with hard-working citizens cleaning out. Wow, give me more of this please :) mayor.jpg

Let Mother Nature teach us a lesson, I bet we can all agree that together we are stronger. What I mean is, people stop with this grotesque hate among the ethnicities’ but unite, just like the stubborn snowflakes invaded our cities together in one breath, lets invade our consciousness’ and start doing the right things. What are the right things to do? Well, on that my dear, you should have to decide on your own, just open your mind! And yes, enjoy the view :)

Jeton_Aliji.jpgViktor_Stoimirov.jpgtetova1.jpgsk_bus.jpgDoc Rod

Pictures are not taken by me :)