International Youth Conference on Biodiversity in Aichi 2010

Article published on Nov. 14, 2010
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Article published on Nov. 14, 2010
Author: Vanesa Vazharova

Dear friends, believe in yourselves and do not let anyone or anything make you lose faith in who you are and what you can do. Keep struggling eagerly for what you long for no matter what happens. Believe me, everything is possible but often some long time has to elapse before your dream comes true. Let me tell you about my dream which did happen to me this year. I hope that after reading my article you are going to fill in an application form or write down an essay in order to help your destiny design your future as you would like it to be.

Year 2010, August, from 21st to 27th I attended International Youth Conference on Biodiversity in Aichi 2010, Japan. This was a week which changed me, my life, my attitude towards the nature and the biodiversity and, last but not least, my understanding of the world.

Let me continue with sharing some information about the application process with you. In the first place, I learned about that conference due to a publication on the website I found that very conference two days before the deadline which was a day and half according to the Japanese time. So what I did was I spent four hours at night filling in my application and then again four hours early in the morning. Yes, it was a tough night but that conference was all I longed for. I had to write three essays on the following topics “My activities related to Biodiversity”, “Significant of Biodiversity” and “What I expect from participation in the conference.” I attached my CV and certificates that proved my advanced knowledge of English language. Other requirements were a reference letter written by a responsible relative and a reference document stating my competency. Then I sent them all with the hope that I might be chosen to attend that Biodiversity conference.

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