International Conference in Macedonia for Translators/Interpreters for all languages

Article published on June 10, 2009
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Article published on June 10, 2009
You are now welcome to register for the 6th International Conference for Translators/Interpreters for all languages to be held from 2-5 July, 2009, in Ohrid, Macedonia.
For information on the sessions offered, the registration fees as well as travel tips for Macedonia feel free to visit the conference page at the website

Should you need a sneak-peek of everything awaiting you in Macedonia, here are 10 good reasons to consider:

1 - Because this memorable weekend will start with a "powwow on a party boat" - opening evening cruise on the beautiful Ohrid Lake. Don't miss it!

2 - Because in Ohrid you will be able to listen to lecturers from 10 countries, including the External Communication Adviser to the Director General for Interpretation of the European Commission, and many more.

3 - Because the UNESCO protected city of Ohrid with centuries-long history, the Ohrid Lake with one of the clearest waters in the world and some of the 365 churches are definitely worth seeing.

4 - Because only in Ohrid will you be able to meet industry professionals, colleagues and companies from over 45 countries.

5 - Because you will get a unique opportunity to meet Mr. Henry Dotterer, CEO and founder of, and listen to his presentation on the past, present and future of your favourite website.

6 - Because you'll learn all about the latest tools available on the translation market and how to use them to boost your translation performance and your business.

7 - Because only in Ohrid did we gather translators of the bestseller and world famous Harry Potter books series for a fascinating panel discussion about all the challenges of such a translation task.

8 - Because the 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner is a must-attend event from the front row for all the surprises planned during this evening of music, dancing and excellent Macedonian wines.

9 - Because the 6th International Conference will enable you to learn all about the history of - the site, the community and the people behind it.

10 - Because, after all, we don’t really need reasons to celebrate a 10th birthday, do we?

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