Article published on Nov. 21, 2007
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Article published on Nov. 21, 2007
Porno chic can now be reached in just one click: far from the panting peroxide beehives and other duvet boors, more and more classy but straightforward websites promise to satisfy the desires of the ladies. Sensual literature, pieces of advice in the flesh and sales of sex toys for real are now offered to the horny internet user in a skirt.

Among the pioneers of intellectual X, in a boudoir philosophy style, let’s cast a glance at the French “Second Sexe” – a name which takes its inspiration somewhere between Simone de Beauvoir’s essay and Second life, simply devoted to “feminine sexuality through art and culture”. The Beaver might be turning in her grave and yet, even Le Monde swoons at this sight: “Second Sexe or sweet words to talk about it” announces the daily paper to mention the “multifaceted” content of the snobbish schlong page, launched last october by the busy businesswoman Sophie Bramly (whose name sounds quite predestined, at least to the French ear).

On this stylishly-designed website, you will find an audio reading of Apollinaire’s Eleven Thousand Rods by the poetic Joey Starr, articles on webcam girls or men to rent and the must-read pragmatic recommendations of Doctor O. In the e-shop, you’ll find sextos, Swarowski -inlaid riding crops for unruly lovers and gold vibrators.

 On the glamourous side, Asia Argento or Bettina Reims should be shooting suggestive films soon, while the idea of the editing society is to enlarge this « erotic video library” to more…personal productions. Provided you belong to the brainy sex club.