Innovation, as a successful model in Greece

Article published on Aug. 31, 2010
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Article published on Aug. 31, 2010
The Public Library of Veria (a small city in north Greece) awarded the prize in Learning Access «Access to Learning Award (ATLA)» by the Foundation Bill and Melinda Gates, accompanied by a cash sponsorship amount of $ 1,000,000, honouring the library as a successful model in Greece around the world.

The nomination of the Public Library of Veria was one of the three selected for the final evaluation phase by more than 250 nominations from around the world, according to an announcement by the Ministry of Education.

Veria Library The annual award Access to Learning «Access to Learning Award (ATLA)» recognize the innovative efforts of libraries and similar organizations outside the United States providing free access to computers and to Internet. It is part of an international initiative of the Institute for libraries (Global Libraries Initiative), which is trying to make the world of knowledge, information and opportunities accessible to everyone, particularly to poor and disadvantaged people in developing countries helping the lives million people.

Veria Library The Public Library of Veria met the requirements below set by the award:

- Developing a network of library and information services in the region of Veria and beyond.

- Giving more than 50,000 residents of Veria, and yet 130,000 people in the surrounding areas free access to computers and the Internet.

- Reaching people in remote rural areas through mobile library equipped with books and laptop computers.

- Emerging at the centre to meet and exchange ideas about the residents of the centre for creative expression and innovation.

- Finally, the Public Library of Veria focuses on young people in the department for children and adolescents, "the magic box, enabling access to knowledge and creativity of expression through new technology.

Veria Library John Trohopoulos is the Director of the library, who also submitted the application. The awards ceremony was held in Gothenburg, Sweden.