Article published on Jan. 29, 2008
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Article published on Jan. 29, 2008
While the UN Newsletter refers "“But in the background we all are convinced there has been a very helpful role of neighbouring countries, particularly Iran, in advising everyone that the time for the moment of dialogue is now,”, the NYT Article, recently published by SOLOMON MOORE and RICHARD A. OPPEL tell us that things are not that great, that easy or that linear.

Iraq requires much more from us (citizens and part of public opinion) then a simple "I think we should stay" or "I think we should leave". It is a complex problem and, no matter how much we try to deny it, it is an EUROPEAN problem.

Somehow, I don't really believe that Iran's recent business connections to Russia, Portugal and Venezuela can be easily separated from this wide and complex problem.

History has proved that ignorance is pricey as well as "I know better" opinions.

The question is: what can we do, if we decide to do something, from the other side of the World?