In praise of...Jimmy Carter

Article published on May 21, 2007
Article published on May 21, 2007
(Photo copyright BBC) Rather than only posting to criticise, I have launched a section of this site to praise figures when I deem it appropriate.
The first figure to recieve this auspicious honour is former US President Jimmy Carter, for his latest well articulated attack on Blair and the Iraq debacle, echoing the views of many liberals, that the UK's "almost undeviating" support for "the ill-advised policies of President Bush in Iraq has been a major tragedy for the world". It is refreshing to hear a man whose tireless work to bring peaceful and diplomatic conflict solutions , (for which he recieved the Nobel Peace Prize) voice his opinions in public, and whilst the White House may dismiss him as "increasingly irrelavent", in the present climate the need for the likes of Carter is greater than ever.

On a related topic, I recommend an excellent article by Andrew Stephen in the current edition of British political magazine The New Statesman on how US politics has, in general, shifted to the Right. As someone who is a moderate by European standards, it is interesting to note that in US terms my politics would be considered radical!

Vive la revolution, comrades.