I Know it Will Be Hard but Still Much Better Than Staying in This City

Article published on July 1, 2012
Article published on July 1, 2012
Maja Davidovikj is a 24 year old girl from Negotino, Macedonia. She graduated from the Goce Delčev University with high grades. She is qualified in teaching. She is very talented, she knows three languages: Macedonian, English, French and moreover, she understands Spanish.
Maja wanted to study more and get a master but couldn’t afford the costs of the studies, so she decided to search for a job. She couldn’t find her own town, that’s why she has decided to apply for the position of waitress on a cruise ship. Maja has still one interview to go.

To know the reason of her choice, we made a short interview with her.

Why did you decide to go and work on a cruise ship ? Because there is no job here, in Macedonia. There is no future and I can’t satisfy even my own needs.

Where did you get information about this program ? From a friend who has already worked on a cruise ship.

What kind of job are you going to do ? From what the agency told me, I am going to be a waitress but I still need to succeed the second interview to be enrolled. My husband is also applying for the same position, so I hope we’ll both work there.

You have studied teaching so why do you choose a job that is not relevant for your experience ? It is not a choice actually. At the moment, this is my only opportunity. What can I do ?

Aren’t you afraid to face some problems while working on board ? I think that if you work hard, there will be no problem because I will satisfy the customers and then also my employer. But I know that every start is hard.

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