I Can't Believe its Not Religion!

Article published on Dec. 21, 2007
Article published on Dec. 21, 2007
Just a couple of hours after arriving in Colorado, caught between insommnia and exhaustion, I find myself flicking through TV channels, and interestingly the local religious networks. A lot is assumed about religion in the US by Europeans, and admittedly we only ever hear of the extremes. Furthermore our generalisations are not helped by Bush and his blinkered outlook on the World.
The TV Pastors I watch strike a surreal balance between preacher and car salesman - urging donations (it takes pennies to get into heaven) to assure salvation. The next day driving through the streets, the number of churches almost seems to bely a market-led logic to faith as a number of variations on an ideological theme each promise to get your soul cleaner than any of their competitors.

Much is made of the role of faith in politics. It certainly did Bush no harm in getting to the top. Whereas in Britain at times it worked against Blair who faced accusations of his faith clouding his political judgement. Perhaps Europeans are simply more cynical to religion in their leaders?

Maybe once Blair has sorted out the Middle East (ahem) he can get his own cable show in the US to help supplement his lecture income. He can urge his viewers to smite the heathens and to donate to his just and righteous cause.

I can imagine his sales-pitch now...

'Come join me on the path the salvation. It is the right thing to do.'

'Every tenth caller gets a free knighthood.'

Photo: Hallock35/Flickr