I always wondered how I would feel if I saw you again...

Article published on June 2, 2008
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Article published on June 2, 2008
It is now almost exactly six years since I left Paris, after three memorable, often crazy years - where I, along with a combination of like-minded individuals, deluded romantics and idiot-geniuses contrived to have as much fun as possible on £3000 of British Student Loan. So much has changed since then, but I still feel a pervading sense of nostalgia for a place I once called home.

When I finally left Paris in 2002, it felt that it was the right time to go, but ever since i have wondered how I would feel to return. I have so many memories tied up in places, people and music from my time there, that I am somewhat caught between excitement and fear at my impending return.

I should get some good writing out of it.

Next week i'm back there for a few weeks, doing some editing work for this erstwhile magazine.

If you're around and want to catch up then give me a bell.

I hear The Bowler still does a good pub quiz.