Hungary's main film festival (January 29-February 5)

Article published on Jan. 30, 2008
Article published on Jan. 30, 2008
January 28, 2008 Some 103 productions will be featured at the annual 39th Hungarian Film Festival opening in Budapest on Tuesday. The week-long festival which ends on February 5, 18 features, 33 documentaries, 3 documentary-style features, 36 experimental and short films and 13 science and education films will be competing in their own categories.

The main competition this year will be for the festival's main feature film prize, the newly renamed Golden Reel.

The international jury of the festival will be chaired by Klaus Eder, General Secretary of the International Federation of Film Critics.

On the sidelines of the festival, several film-related events will take place, including a roundtable discussion of filmmaking, public meetings and an exhibition entitled "100 Years of Hungarian Film" at the Budapest KOGART museum.

Outside the capital five other cities and towns will host screenings of titles selected from this year's festival programme.