Hungary | A borderless country?

Article published on May 17, 2009
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Article published on May 17, 2009
It´s Pécs. Pécs, fifth-largest city of Hungary, was elected the European Capital of Culture 2010 (together with , Germany and , Turkey). It will try to present itself as a "".EssenIstanbulborderless city [...] right in the middle of Europe The 10th of May Pécs was the focus of mayoral elections. The Socialists (), prevailing the city since 1998, lost control to the opposition .
In Hungary, facing a deep recession in consequence of the Economic Crisis, this result definitely is an outlook on the European Parliament elections taking place the 7th of June. The Conservatives from the Fidesz party are prognosticated to win the majority of the 22 Hungarian seats in the EP. This could lead to quarrels in the MSZP and encourage discussions about snap elections.

Pécs 2010MSZPFidesz party

We will see, if Hungary really is that open-minded towards European Policy and will keep it´s hopeful promises. Take a virtual tour through Europe´s Capital of Culture 2010 .