Hungarian MPs are first to ratify Lisbon Treaty

Article published on Aug. 3, 2007
Article published on Aug. 3, 2007
December 17, 2007 Hungarian MPs approved ratification of the European Union's Lisbon Treaty on Monday, making Hungary the first EU member state to do so. "The ratification of the Lisbon Treaty... is part of Hungary's historic achievement," Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany said in parliament.
He noted that the European Union's adopting the treaty last Thursday had concluded a 10-year-long debate.

The bill proclaiming the treaty was approved with 325 votes for, five six against and 14 abstentions. The ratification law outlines the Lisbon Treaty as a common European success, guaranteeing the conditions for promoting the EU's further development and deeper integration.

MPs also approved a related resolution on protection of minority rights with 325 votes for and six against. The resolution on minority rights declares that protecting national and ethnic minorities has become a fundamental constitutional principle of the European Union, which covers the joint exercise of rights by persons belonging to a national or an ethnic minority.

EU_flag.jpgHungarian Government adopts Europe-policy until 2014

August 3, 2007

The government adopted Hungary's Europe-policy for the period until 2014. The policy was subjected to widespread social coordination before it was adopted, government spokesperson said.

Foreign Minister Kinga Göncz said the most important goals of the policy were to achieve cooperation and unity, modernisation and competitiveness, and openness and security. Hungary is committed to tighter European integration, which is the key to its success as a country, she added.

A unified energy policy must be developed in Europe, based on secure supplies and solidarity, Göncz said.

Göncz noted Hungary fully supports European integration, partly because it is resulting in the unification of Hungarians and ethnic Hungarians living in neighbouring countries within the framework of the European Union. As many as 90 percent of ethnic Hungarians living among our neighbours are already EU citizens, she added.