How to Target the Right Clients for You

Article published on March 7, 2018
Article published on March 7, 2018

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Running a business can be challenging and you are likely to make mistakes but often, when people start a business, they try to target everyone and that is where a problem can arise. Instead of trying to hit a wide audience, it is important to define your audience and then tailor your service, product or marketing strategy to them specifically.

This can prove to be a fast track to success but more importantly having that knowledge will help you to succeed, so how do you target the right clients for you?

Email and Online Surveys

Carrying out surveys will enable you to remain in front of your competitors because they give you the tools you need to deliver exactly what your customers want. You will need to understand what you plan to take from each question while the questions have to be easy to answer and digest for your target audience. Email campaigns can help you to gain an insight into your customers but more importantly, ensure you use the information you obtain to your advantage.

Polls using Social Media

Social media is massive and many of the main platforms will be used by your target audience. Therefore, carrying out a poll using social media will enable you to obtain information about your customers in one place. It can generate a buzz about your products or service but you can engage, interact and listen to what they say and what they want. You will have the ability to analyse the results and find out more about your audience such as their age, where they are located and what they do for a living.

Look at Current Customers

Try looking at the customers you already have and consider that information in order to target the right clients. Are they male or female? How much do they earn on average? What are their interests? These kinds of questions will enable you to have an understanding about who is using your servicing and purchasing your products. Then you can identify how you are reaching them. This level of analysis will enable you to focus your efforts on directing your marketing strategies to the right audience helping you to increase leads and conversions while also reducing the time it takes to make sales.

Consider your competition

You should know who your competition is but you need to learn about how they carry out their marketing campaigns in order to identify gaps in the market that you can capitalize on. Find keywords that relate to your industry and identify who is ranking for the same keywords. Your aim is to find out as much information as you can about what they offer and what works for them, then you will be able to build and develop your own approach.

Buyer Identities

Armed with the correct information, you can now identify the groups of buyers that you will direct your marketing campaigns towards. However, before moving forward, you need to build an identity for your buyers and identify what they consider important to them. Create a storyline that is built around the persona of your buyers and what motivates them to make a decision. Are they want to buy a used ipad or a new car. Once you have the relevant details you will be ready to target the right clients using a marketing strategy that gets results.