How to Pick Perfect Student Accommodation

Article published on Feb. 22, 2010
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Article published on Feb. 22, 2010

Author: Ana Alibegova

One of the most important questions you need to deal with once you decide to work or study abroad is the question of accommodation. The number of options available is vast, from student dormitories to renting an apartment. Finding the perfect place to stay at is not an easy job at all, because all these places have their own advantages and disadvantages.

You got the scholarship and now what? The next step is finding a place to stay, a process that is not as easy as it seems, having in mind that all of us want to find a nice, not too small, centrally located place that at the same time is practical and cheap. When you go to study or work abroad, you are provided with accommodation options to pick from. All of them have positive and negative sides, and different places are suitable for different people. If you are more partying-oriented, then the perfect place for you would be a student dormitory. For the ones putting emphasis on their privacy, renting an apartment is the best option. Here are some suggestions.

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