Home to compete at Mar del Plata

Article published on Nov. 6, 2008
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Article published on Nov. 6, 2008
Currently showing in theatres in Switzerland and France, where it has been enthusiastically received by the press, Ursula Meier’s debut feature Home [trailer|it], film focus] will screen in competition at Argentina’s 23rd Mar del Plata International Film Festival (November 6-16) in Argentina.
Since its international premiere at Cannes, Home has been presented at film festivals in Tokyo, Montreal, Rio de Janeiro, Munich, London, Namur and Angoulême.

Two other Swiss features – which screened at Locarno in August – have been selected for the Panorama section. These are Luftbusiness (CAB Productions) by Dominique de Rivaz, who won the 2004 Swiss Film Prize for Mein Name ist Bach; and Walpurgis (Les films Oeil-Sud) by Frédéric Choffat, whose La vraie vie est ailleurs (“Real Life is Elsewhere”) will be launched in France on November 12.

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