Ho Che Anderson: behind the scenes

Article published on Nov. 29, 2007
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Article published on Nov. 29, 2007
I know you all like the "behind the scenes" stuff, so: all the pictures, of the brunch and the video you can't find in the article. The big one on Ho Che Anderson, the Canadian cartoonist who did the graphic novel King, Ho Che Anderson, here. You can purchase his work at fantagraphics.

Below, some shots from the Komikazen Festival days:

Batman_cover.JPG Batman cover, DC Comics

scream_queen_01.JPG Scream queen

Ho_Che_Anderson_Brunch_31.JPG The interview (photo Emanuele Grifoni)

godhead_03.JPG Godhead, the new Anderson's project

Martin_Luther_King_09.JPG From the graphic novel King