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Article published on March 8, 2010
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Article published on March 8, 2010

Author: Nikola Zdravkovic

''“Life, it’s a scene play with no previous practice. So, sing, smile, dance and love…And live every single moment of your life. Before the scene closes and the play ends with no audience clapper.”''

It was 1999 when these words first time came to my ears. I was only 9, and I couldn’t understand what they meant. My entire life was based on worries like my math homework, scoring in the football game against the opposite school team, and would my father let me watch TV after 9 p.m. What I remember most dearly, those carefree times gave me the satisfaction of reading fairytales, and imagining the world somewhere outside my small room and my tiny world. That’s how my love for travelling was born. And even being too small, I knew I’ll cross it over some day. As years passed by, people always spoke of how I should spend my life doing things that would make me happy, and define who I was. If you ask me, I was still dreaming about all those things and people across the border that I will be able to meet. This was how I began realizing Mr. Chaplin’s words; no man will live forever, so use the present called life!

In the summer of 2007, I stepped on Canadian soil for the first time. I’ve been to Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria before, but this was different. Unusual flats, new faces on the balconies, new graffiti on the walls. Not a single sign that resembles Macedonia. I didn’t like it at first glance – people seemed so cold, like no one was interested in anything else but their own business. I also hated the hip hop sound that seemed to be resonating from every corner. That first week I kept asking myself if this was the promise land people talked about. Refusing to accept the disappointment, I started looking for the beauty.

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