Hellinikon as Tempelhof? The drama of a park..

Article published on Sept. 14, 2010
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Article published on Sept. 14, 2010
We have heard everything about this park since 2001 .. we keep expecting the ''biggest park''of Europe. Since then studies over studies and master plans over official announcements have been made.. 4000 acres of park or 2000 acres with houses? Many small parks as proposed by S. Manos, or a ''hyper-park'' next to the sea?

On the one hand, activists and municipalities who deny negotiating even the last inch of land. On the other, politicians and businessmen who want less park and more economic activityin the area.

Τhe current park of Tempelhof (former airport)

At the same time, Tempelhof, one of the most historic airports of Berlin (which was shut down three years ago) has turned into another big park in the heart of the capital allowing Berliners to enjoy.

Enough with the consultations! We have had enough of promises. There is a study prepared by the National Technical University, which follows the example of Berlin and reduces the cost of the project at least six times.

The study proposes the removal of fencing and the removal of arbitrary structures, no new buildings and the cancellation of road works in Hymettus mountain. The study notes that the a proper use of buildings could finance the creation and the maintenance of the park. The scientific director of research and associate professor at NTUA N. Belavilas noted that the Olympic works removed from each resident of Athens, about 1.2 square meter space.

On the other hand, the European Union is ready to finance up to 85% (!) of the project, was the official answer given to MEP Alekos Papadimoulis in the past. Furthermore, someone why the Metropolitan Park at Hellinikon had to cost us 76,000 euros per hectare when the Germans pay 10,000 per acre?? Why should we always be the idiots of Europe?

We as Cafebabel Greece agree with Jose Acebillo (see "To Vima", 14-15.08.2010), that such a large park of  6000 acres is not in our culture. The Catalan architect states that the concept of a metropolitan park of such a size is not to be found in the tradition of Mediterranean cities. Indeed, we the Greeks do not use our parks as the British or Americans. We're not going to play hockey and we will not roll in the grass..this is not to be regarded as ''good'' or ''bad'': it's a different tradition, in the same way an Italian or a British would not spend 3 hours for a coffee as we do..

The development plan of the Hellinikon Metropolitan Park.So we say ''Yes'' to a large regional park but not at the expense of other heavy populated areas like e.g. Kypseli. However, any ideas of a  ''Green Fund'' require something very important: the determination and the implementation of  the project by the Public Administration.With sources from ''Vima'', ''ta Nea'' and ''Spiegel''.