Hazard game addiction is one of the seriuos social problems in the European Union and it is not right to publcize links to hazard game sites - an open letter to the Babel Cafè managers

Article published on Dec. 1, 2008
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Article published on Dec. 1, 2008
Dear menagers,   I'm really surprized You journal, dedicated to the European Union and its values, is publicizing links to the hazard games sites. You must know that the hazard game addiction, as alcohol or drug addictions, is the very seruois social problem. Destroied families, children without family care, debts, crimes, violence - these are the results of the hazard game addiciton.
Hazard game addiciton is seen as a mental  health trouble and it is not absolutely right to publish links to hazard game sites.   The "lottery" sites, the links to which You are publicizing too, seem to be a trying of the phishing (theft of the personal data). You have been publicizing on my blog this link: , which promices a free of charge partecipation and a BMW-prise. Another


 link  from Yours:   ("selected winner" - in Italian). These links I found today, before there were other dangerous sites links.   I think Your Babel Café should be safe for children, for families and simple persons. 


I really hope You will follow the European Union human social values and You will stop publicizing links which are potentially dangerous and can cause social and legal problem to socially weak persons.   Sincerelly Yours,Helga Nukk