Hackathon weekend in Athens: 13-14 June

Article published on June 1, 2015
Article published on June 1, 2015

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On the 13th and the 14th of June 2015 we organize at the “Innovathens Hub” a mobile app Hackathon weekend. The participants are called to design mobile apps that will work as tools against tax evasion.


The Hackfest will be called Hackathon #apodeiksi

(e.g. apodeiksi is the greek word for receipt)


The main goals of Hackathon #apodeiksi are:

  • shaping the frame and the structure for the creation of the application and its development in full functionality.

  • raising awareness amongst young programmers, developers, economists, students or professionals in the direction of collaberatively creating a usefull tool for the society.

  • creating the preconditions for the rise of youth entrepreneurship. The competition promotes especially young people working on teams or consisting a company trying to attribute to the improvement of the Greek economy.

Hackathons scope to mobilize human capital in modern cities towards the reinforcement of common good, youth entrepreneurship and innovation. You can read more on the following link:




Through Hackathons, one can learn:

  • how new technologies improve both our lives and the environment we live in.

  • how to build “tax consciousness” through the use of new technologies

  • how to collectively work for the common good

Crowdpolicy promoting participation and knowledge gained from the crowd (the wisdom of the crowd) and in the frame of corporate social responsibility, organize this Hackathon weekend without any prospect of profit.


Crowdpolicy has already mobilized communities of developers aiming to participate in the fest. Additionally Hackathon #apodeiksi has already gained the kind support of different organizations, as you can see on the following link:




There are a lot of ways that you can also support the Hackathon’s organization, varying from donation (for the cash prizes of the contest) to services and products.


Each contribution is welcome and has its special meaning and value  .


Indicative sponsorships:

Following you find indicative needs of the fest we would like to cover through the form of grant:

  • 3 cash prizes as following: 5.000 €, 3.000 € and 2.000 € for the 1st, the 2nd and the 3rd winner of the contest respectively. Various prestigious persons will consist the jury that will evaluate the apps.

  • Technology products: mobile phones, tablets etc. or services e.g. consulting services, business mentoring, business coaching for the Hackathon’s winners.

  • Other types of prizes (notepads, pens, bags, souvenirs etc.).

  • Coffee, snacks and in general food and drinks that will cover the needs of the 32-hour Hackfest (Start time: Saturday 13 June, 10:00 am - End time: Sunday 14 June 6:00 pm).

  • Communicating the event through both print and electronic media.


Till now, Hackathon #apodeiksi is kindly supported by:



The Hackfest will be surrounded by:

  • Judges

  • Mentors

  • Organizational Committee

  • Application requirements group

You can feel free to inform us for your participation in any of the groups mentioned above.



Website:  http://crowdhackathon.com/apodeiksi


Online registration:   https://www.eventora.com/en/Events/hackathon-apodei


Hashtag #apodeiksi https://goo.gl/wvpqg9


Hackathon Dates

  • The technical requirements of the application will be posted till May 17. Then a two- weeks public consultation will take place.

  • The final technical requirements and the grants will be announced on June 5th.

  • June 13th - June 14th: Hackathon #apodeiksi

  • The Hackathon’s final winners will be announced on June 15th.

The awards will be given during an event especially organized for the Hackfest.


General Technical Requirements (volume 1)

  • Collaborative Participatory creation of an open source smart mobile application.

  • The receipts used for the application should be receipts with barcodes, qr codes or any other readable code by an optical code recognition system (OCR).

  • The application will take photos of the receipts, read the necessary data (Tax Identification Number of the company, payment amount, date) and through the barcode, the necessary information will be recorded on each user’s account.   

  • The application should offer as much as possible motivations for the consumers to use it. The motivations may vary: from “badges” (like on the famous application Foursquare) to income tax credit, participation in lotteries of the Ministry of Finance.

  • The application may also bear the possibility to be used for enterprise awarding by other entities besides the Minister of Finance.

  • The awards of the application must have an immediate character for the consumer, e.g. the consumer must be able to see the amount of the tax credit after every “receipt post”, the points gained etc.

  • The application must be able to offer anonymous open data in order to offer also the possibility of the creation of other open data apps and in that way contribute in the app-ecosystem.

  • The application must have the possibility of storing receipts and (product) guarantees per account.


Hoping for your participation in Hackathon #apodeiksi, you can contact us through the following persons:


Michael Psallidas, michael@crowdpolicy.com, 2122134475, 6985054020

George Karamanolis, george@crowdpolicy.com, 2122134475, 6937038101

Vicky Foteinou, vicky@crowdpolicy.com, 2122134475, 6936860163