Green Europe - write for us from PARIS 30 March - 3 April 2011

Article published on March 2, 2011
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Article published on March 2, 2011
Editor-in-charge/ Nicola Accardo/

10 cities, 10 special city editions of feature reports, 10 local debates: We're continuing our series of monthly reporting missions to a different city in our Europe-wide network, this year with a special focus on green issues.


Step 1: what’s it about

WHAT IS IT: In 2011 we launched our monthly editorial series, ‘Green Europe on the ground’, which aims to raise consciousness on the environmental crisis.

TO DO WHAT: Valorising local, young projects, initiatives and angles that have emerged from environmental preoccupations. Be ‘on the ground’ and make us feel you’ve been hanging out and working in Paris. Spend time with locals, describe what you saw/ felt/ learned from them. Be critical, ‘green’ isn’t an ideology for!

Step 2: recruiting you

WANTED: We need three journalists, one video maker and one photographer to join this mission - writing on aforesaid offbeat, environment-related topics with the support of our local host team. You'll also attend a local debate held by them in Paris so we can make some noise whilst we are in town.

It’s your proposals that will get you noticed for this mission: so be creative, do some research before applying, flog your idea donkeys to me.

Step 3: you on Green Europe on the ground

LOGISTICS: Book your own flights/ trains to Paris: up to 250 Euros is reimbursed by upon return from the trip. Other travel and food expenses are reimbursed for up to 25 Euros every day. The team is hosted by the warm locals in Paris or a hostel.

EDITORIAL: The editors and the team in Paris will help and assist you define your angle/ article before the trip. BUT: it’s up to you to do research before leaving for the project, to find interesting interviewees and ideas “on the ground”. The written piece is due in strictly one week later, when the relevant linguistic editor in Paris will edit your piece, which will be translated by our volunteer networks, and then published in six languages within the following month.

Step 4: apply, filling the form on this page


- with your CVs, three-line GREEN article proposals, link with the news and crisis, ideas of interviewees... We look forward to eating them up!


 Alternative money in Europe : local and long-term development

Ever heard of Local Exchange Trading System (LETS) ? Initially, its founder Michael Linton wantes it as a complement to the national money of Canada, not a replacement of it. The aim is to allow people with few resources to be able to exchange and trade without being dependent of the value of his national currency. Nowadays, the LETS has a lot of success inEurope. Another alternative to conventional money is local money. Community exchange systems have been created to replace it, from the assessment that “conventional money is created as debt by private financial institutions for their own profit-making purposes, not as a public service ».

In Brixton (London, United-Kingdom), 60 000 people use the Brixton pound.In Germany, local money such as the Regio geld and the Chiemgauer are being used by a lot of persons and societies.In Italy, the northern region of Emilia Romagnasupports several LETS.

As for Belgium, 100 000 people use the national local money « res », which works so well that French have just began to use it.

Report on those alternative ways of trading and discover a concrete and solid example of sustainable development in Europe !

Ideas, proposals, questions ? Write to Emmanuel at

The articles should all be sent for the 31 of March last delay.