Greek Minister of Education, Anna Diamantopoulou to give a speech at LSE

Article published on Jan. 31, 2011
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Article published on Jan. 31, 2011
What is the role of education in enhancing Greece's international competitiveness? Can Greece achieve the target of doubling R&D expenditure by 2020? Can the government realise its controversial reforms in the university sector and will they bring Greece closer to the rest of Europe?
 These are some of the questions that Ms Diamantopoulou, the Greek Minister of Education will try to answer tomorrow at the London School of Economics and Political Science. With the economic crisis in Greece, the government is embarking on an ambitious set of domestic reforms, and education is one of the pillars of the system which will be reformed. The lecture is a part of the regular lecture program organised by the School and a ticket is required in order to attend the event. Cafebabel Greece will be there in order to cover the lecture. Professor Kevin Featherstone of the Hellenic Observatory will chair the event. If you want to request a free ticket click 

The lecture will take place at the campus between 6.30-8