Graffiti Radio – We don’t protect people only from bad music

Article published on March 3, 2010
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Article published on March 3, 2010
Interviewer: Lea Linin Photos:Graffiti Radio

Enjoying her recent rejuvenation, after the European concept of youth and age limit has been shifted a bit; Sandra Laborier devotes all her youthful energy to Graffiti Radio, a 15 – hour slot of youth shows (Monday-Friday 2-5 p.m.) within the community, nation- wide radio is called Radio ARA ( She assumed the role of a youth worker at Graffiti following the not-that-exciting path of applying for the job through a regular job call in the national newspaper. Her lifelong media aspirations are finally realized. We start off with the attempt to articulate Graffiti’s philosophy.

Graffiti. What does the word mean to you?

The word ‘Graffiti’ implies a multicolor, young and a bit chaotic picture of the world. It is all about media education and giving young people the opportunity of expressing themselves through radio.

Does the essence of the term ‘graffiti’ translate into the concept of the radio?

Actually it corresponds very well to the concept of the radio, as it is an open platform that reflects the multicultural reality of Luxembourg. A true ‘frequency of all colors’!

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