Golf can help and here's why

Article published on Jan. 16, 2017
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Article published on Jan. 16, 2017

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Reaching out to society according to Christophe Mazurier

Golf doesn’t always appeal to everyone as the typical sport with an outreach unto society – yet is has been prominent in playing an important social role in a number of places worldwide. Take the Hero World Challenge tournament. It’s one of the sporting events which you wouldn’t think might actually bring change; yet it does. People dream of soccer stars’ last games, of huge sporting figures and noisy cheque-signing, but golf counts amongst one of the most charity-driven sports.

Not obvious. Mainly discreet. Just like its big sponsors. The Hero World Challenge has been the classic end-of-season tournament for the past 15 years or so. It’s not your typical PGA event, for the good reason that is has a strong ground in philanthropy – also, it lets amateurs compete.

Golf has its typical way of getting things done: sponsors actually playing a part in the event’s success. This is a sport where philanthropists don’t just watch. They get involved. They take a stand. The Hero World Challenge is a Tiger Woods-driven tournament which couldn’t work without its benefactors. Amongst them is Mr Christophe Mazurier, an entrepreneur and investor with a personal twist for being involved in the bigger picture. Mr Mazurier is also a big name in the arts, for one, and an avid advocate of helping it and sponsoring it, for another.

The Hero World Challenge is a golf tournament, of course, so it’s all first and foremost about the fun of the event, and about the sporting competition. And that’s one of the great things about golf – much like rugby, the game is everything, but once the competition is over, there’s more than enough room to have a good chat and discuss the healthy values of the sport.

Businessman and philanthropist Christophe Mazurier is the perfect embodiment of this spirit: an international entrepreneur and investor by day, he is also one of the keen sponsors of this event, and one to take part in it. He relentlessly defends the values of golf: communion with nature, and the love for a sport which has always vowed to break off from the noisiness of daily life. The olden Scots who invented the sport certainly didn’t imagine it as the shabby, loud and privileged activity some see it to be – and unfortunately, that some make it to be. It was thought of as perfect way to partake in one’s environment, and that, thankfully, is what some still defend it to be. Some players even use their passion for the greater good, much like Mr Mazurier.

Harmony, respect of nature’s existence and rhythm, and appreciation of the slowness of life. Concentration and focus. A tranquil onlook on what life has to give. All of the many reasons why golf sponsors are almost always golf players, and a testament to Christophe Mazurier’s take on the sport. Golf may be one of the lesser-known sports with an involvement in charity work, but the Hero World Challenge is a proof of the contrary, and so is Mr Mazurier’s involvement in it. True golfers only set foot in environments they are willing to protect and fight for.