God save Gina Miller

Article published on Nov. 8, 2016
Article published on Nov. 8, 2016

Thanks to Gina Miller’s lawsuit, the UK’s High Court ruled that Theresa May must give the UK Parliament a chance to debate Brexit. Although May plans on taking the case to the Supreme Court, this legislative punch means Article 50 will have to wait. While we sit and watch the outcome of this epic battle between Miller and May, here is a little portrait of the UK’s new favourite philanthropist: 

Miller's take on Brexit in a nutshell: 

"I was never binary remain or leave. I was very much of the sentiment, and still am, that it was about remain, reform and review... The UK actually has a very powerful place in Europe... and we have not just let ourselves down but I think the whole of Europe down by not taking up that challenge."


From an interview with the Guardian published 4 November 2016.