Article published on July 16, 2011
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Article published on July 16, 2011
As its known the concept of the `globalization` had begun to talk in 1980s in the world. There has been many discussions come into reality. For example the conservations in the traditionalist countries thought that the globalization is Americanization, or some of them referred it as Westernization.
200475_10150540656515355_586775354_17977761_6536103_n.jpg As is known to all, China has its own profound values and traditions. With the concept of globalization and the spreading of it these values and traditions are slowly but obviously being destroyed. People want to create `one world` under the globalization or modernization. Actually globalization is the part of modernization. We can see this situation in our daily life in China or in other countries. Even Chinese government tries to protect values and traditions under the concept of `with Chinese characteristics` which is difficult to protect. Maybe it has certain influence on the public but can not protect the private lives. New generation is adapting these concepts easily because they know that there is competition between teenagers. For that reason they have to and need to change. Just as out-dated dressing person would be laughed at by the fashionable ones; many of the young see modernity and change as the vital factors in today’s new life. That is, unless they convert themselves to be faddish they will be thrown far behind his or her peers. Young people take full advantage of information which contains vast paradox especially the Internet to know what is on time now. I see them learning English in their spare time but often mistake their mother language. Besides, the whole city urges to display its modernity at least in the height of its buildings. It can be easily found in Shanghai’s streets. In Shanghai, whenever you go to the streets you can see the reason such as Xintiandi, West Nanjing Road, Pudong District or even clubs. Chinese people or buildings are the part of globalization. It may be the sprites of industrial life that affects what people think a lot and competition is absolutely a key word. To win in the contest against the peer and the other countries, one must change to be adaptable in the industrial era in which individual or country seems to have no choice but to catch up with others.

During the World Expo 2011 Shanghai showed its modernization to the world. For that reason Shanghai is accepted as the `New Western Hero`. If you are in China you do not need to go the West. Because McDonalds. Starbucks are her thanks to the globalization. West comes to East 。You do not need to worry about the survival if you are foreign which is really piece of good news for me.