Get on the Live Debate: How dangerous is Russia?

Article published on Aug. 20, 2008
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Article published on Aug. 20, 2008
After the Russian-Georgian crisis, the world started to feel the pressure of a new, possible Cold War. Estonian politicians and public opinion split in two fearing the consequences this could have on the future of the Republic and asking help to NATO more often than European Union diplomacy while Russia showed everyone its will of playing a new leading role in the global order.

How and when will the Ossetian war really end? Does Estonia really risk its independence again? What is Europe doing in the mean time? And, most of all, what is happening in Russia?

Discuss these questions in the new BabelTallinn debate moderate by Vahur Koorits from Postimees and with exceptional guests such as H.M. the Georgian Embassador in Estonia, Mr. Zurab MARSHANIA, Sven MIKSER, Evelyn SEPP, Maarika MIIL and Aleksander SHEGEDIN.

Friday, 22nd of August, Opetajate Maja, Tallinn 7 pm

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debate Tallinn Western Europe Time (GMT): 5 PM; Central Europe Time (GMT+1): 6 PM; Eastern Europe Time (GMT +2): 7 PM