German compensations and Distomo massacre, a family affair...

Article published on Jan. 13, 2011
Article published on Jan. 13, 2011
From these "pages" we are used to point out what’s cool and what’s "wrong" with Europe, but mainly the undersigned sees the positive aspects of the European project. Save this, there are some issues that bother me ... To begin with, I have to “borrow” Mr. Martin Knapp’s words of wisdom,- Director of the German-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry-.
When asked: 'Do you think that the crisis will affect irreversibly the Greek-German relations?"

Mr. Knapp replied:

__"Do you know what is the difference between a bunch of friends and a family?

The group scatters with the first misunderstanding. On the other hand, family fights are much wilder, but we remain united, not only by interest but also for sentimental reasons. In this respect, Europe has slowly transformed from a companionship to a family ...."__

The undersigned also strongly believes that the European Union's history is a history of spreading freedom, which came with the forgiveness and cooperation and as rightly quotted by Dimitris Gounaris in his book "European Utopia",'The European Union remains with all its imperfections, the most successful political model of peaceful cooperation in transnational history, whilst retaining full of charm, as the sole global incubator of a supranational concept of democracy and state organization.”

All this is just an introduction for… my opposition to the attitude of Germany -any political body hidden behind- regarding the refusal to compensate the families of Distomo victims.

distomo_massacre-thumb-medium.jpg For the record: the massacre at Distomo held on June 10, 1944 and was one of the largest massacres of civilians during the Second World War, with 218 deaths, among them 53 children.

________1.jpg Last week, with a candle in hand and tears in their eyes, citizens of Distomo living in Athens, gathered outside the embassy of Germany, on the occasion of the expiry, for the request of representation of the Greek state at the trial that will be held in Hague after an appeal brought by the German state, to the decision of the Italian courts in favor of the residents of Distomo and according to which, Germany will have to pay to the families of victims an amount equal to 25 million euros, plus the interest since 1997.

I think it is fair for German politicians to note that the Greek public debt is already at 330 billion euros as reported by the Greek Financial Secretary Mr. Sachinidis in the Greek Parliament on December 13, 2010. The Minister himself, the same day confirmed the debt owed by Germany amounting to 162 billion euros for Greece and which refers to the outstanding German war reparations and analyzed as follows:

108 billion from the damages awarded to Greece by the International Peace Conference in Paris for the damages caused by the Nazi troops in the economic infrastructure of Greece and 54 billion by the forced occupation loan paid by Greece on 1942 to the Germans.

Several Greek politicians have asked Mr. Trichet, Juncker, the President of the European Parliament and the Committee on Petitions: "We kindly ask for your intervention in order for the German government to fulfill its obligations to Greece and to immediately pay the above amount, a requirement unjustifiably pending since 1945 and is a paradox between Member States of the EU "

distomo42028small29.jpg In my opinion, in case it is proved that the German government owes compensation and rumour has it, that stole and not returned the gold from the Bank of Greece during the war, then it must "conform" (a verb tres a la mode to the european vocabulary) to their obligations because there will be someone who will always remember...

According to the resolution of Distomo residents for the German Embassy: DISTOMO - GERMAN CLAIMING COMPENSATION

"We are here to remind you that " human sacrifice "is our own glamorous history and that" the cruelty of man "is a black page in your history.

We are here to remind you that you can not just claim by the Greeks. You have unfulfilled debts.

You “owe” us Distomo, Kalavrita, Kommeno, Kandano, Chortiati and another 45 martyric villages ...."

Who said family affairs are easy?