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Article published on April 30, 2008
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Article published on April 30, 2008
 They’ve had a funny turn over at the European commission. On 24 April, Brussels announced that they’ll be keeping a proposalto protect homosexuals in the face of any discrimination in the EU’s 27 member states firmly in the closet. Looks like it’s only cool to be gay in the movies, because in real life, evidently it’s not, unless you are being discriminated against in the workplace, which is where EU legislation protects the most at the moment.

Their excuse is: ‘why pledge something which at the end of the day wouldn’t be supported by the majority of European governments?’ Come on, as if they would waste their efforts in trying to convince countries like Germany to recognise the rights of this group of people. The maintain that the German government wouldn’t support this proposal because of the pressures they re under from the business environment. Apparently, if a German company had to recognise gay rights, they would end up landing additional costs. What kind of costs? I mean, in case those gaylords use more toilet paper than normal? Ah, no. It would probably be that they are such asses, that after seeing the news that a man in the US fell , they would think that their offices would fill to the brim with men infected by this illness, which would end up saturating the demand for maternity leave. International Lesbian and Gay Association pregnant

Cati Kaoe Fake gays

It’s weird because it’s sometimes totally the opposite in cinema, where as we’ve said, there are more homosexuals than in real life. Some of the most memorable stupidities deserve a mention here, like when Batman gazes over Gotham City with Robin. Whoever got the idea for such a dumb thing? Sure, the Batmobile has ‘lost some of it’s oil’ (the literal translation for the saying‘perder aceite’ which means that you are gay in Spain), but no-one ever came up with a better idea than imagining a bat who little kids in disguise liked … does anyone know what the hell Robin is wearing, anyway? Another memorably mismatched couple emerge at the end of (1942) in and as the charming Captain Renault. , saddened by the departure of , delivers the most romantic line of the film as he crosses the fog of the airport with Rains: . Many think that he actually meant to say: . “Casablanca” Humphrey Bogart Claude Rains Bogart Ingrid BergmanI think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendshipAs I can’t get into Ingrid’s pants anymore, I’ll have to give it a shot with you

Anyway, I don’t know what’s the biggest piece of nonsense, this or the fact that in May 2007, the Polish government thought that Tinky Winky from the Teletubbies was a dangerous children’s character teaching little ‘uns to be gay with his swinging handbag and male voice. The only thing they manage to do is to confuse as, and its touched me deeply. Now I am imagining that I am Batman camouflaged in leather, showing off my tight bat-pack, super cool in my Batmobile riding alongside a striding and winking to him: . I mean, how confusing. BogartHey good-looking, jump in, and I’ll help you get out of that raincoat if you know what I mean

A huge list of partners which never existed. But maybe there are some who, faced with the discrimination of our governments, will enjoy reclaiming some of the attention that they should be given in the first place. I leave you to go loopy with what I consider is the craziest gay in the entire history of cinema:

Translattion: Nabeelah Shabbir

Foto: Lesbian and Gay Pride: Philippe Leroyer