Games of Power at Europe's Southernmost Point

Article published on Aug. 21, 2010
Article published on Aug. 21, 2010
22 nautical miles from the island of Crete, there is the island of Gavdos. Gavdos is located in the middle of the Libyan sea, is the southern –most border of Greece and Europe!

View of the giant chair at the southernmost point of the island, of Greece and of Europe

tripiti_02th.jpg foto:© Steve Crow,, The Island of Gavdos

tripitichair.jpg foto from the site: Gavdos Island, Europes Southermost Point

A real paradise with coastal dunes with Junipers, a 'NATURA' protected area

junipers.jpg ....and looots of loyal fans some years now, willing to travel until Crete (not a very close destination) and then with a small boat to Gavdos..

This year Gavdos faces a serious transportation problem that doesn't seem to worry a lot competent Greek politicians and/or decision makers.

ANENDYK Maritime Company, who serves the transportation between Crete and the island of Gavdos was not prepared to comply with the requirements of the EC directive 9818 over security transportation, (under which ships as "Daskalogiannis" and "Samaria" traveling to Gavdos, should not carry passengers for more than 19 miles from the coast for security reasons.

But ‘’an island’s life is its communication’’ as Mr Costas, local fisherman told me and who can not bare the fact that Minister's ‘entourage’ be fooled the mayor and the inhabitants of the island, promising them a yet to come solution.

So touristic period started but the tourists on which depends to a large extent the possibility of economic survival of the few inhabitants, were unable to reach easily and safely the island.

Locals also told me that ANENDYK was aware of the EC directive and the company was getting extensions the last three years, as well as, was successfully pulling some strings to preserve the status quo, unwilling to 'prepare' and adapt its ferry boats to EC directives requirements. A typical greek story of 'micro' interests. A lot is being said, scenarios of deliberate isolation of Gavdos in order for other touristic parts of Crete to profit and so on.

Once again, officials, competent decision makers were not ready to comply with EC regulations ...this bad European Union who puts troubles on our mind....

A little more information about the island:

Gavdos has one of the oldest farmhouses in the world and is considered one of the most green energy islands

gavdos4.gif Between Crete and Gavdos there are wales!!

gavdos6.gif foto: