Gaglianone’s travels to Sarajevo and Srebrenica off to Locarno

Article published on Aug. 8, 2008
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Article published on Aug. 8, 2008
Four years after his previous feature film, Nemmeno il destino, and after working with the theatre troupe ilBuioFuori, Daniele Gaglianone is back with the documentary Rata neće biti - Non ci sarà la guerra (“There Will Be No War”), which will screen at the Locarno Film Festival ("Ici & Ailleurs"), where he picked up an award in 1995 for his short film L'orecchio ferito del piccolo comandante.

Shot over five trips to Bosnia and Herzegovina, the most recent last April, the new film (produced by Gianluca Arcopinto and BabyDoc Film, with support from the Piemonte Doc Film Fund), according to the director’s notes, came about "from the desire to depict a place and a tragedy that still today represents a void and a question for Europe".

At just under three hours, the film (edited by Enrico Giovannone) is meant to give audiences time to see, listen and reflect upon five individual stories that are part of the collective nightmare of the war in Yugoslavia.

A war that is still present, which "obstinately marks the days, words and faces of those who, despite everything, still live.” Like the film’s main characters: the 28-year-old Zoran, who dreams of the Sarajevo of his childhood; Saša, closed off in his nationalist ideals; Aziz, the former Bosnian soldier who escaped the Srebrenica massacre; Mohamed, who escaped from the same massacre by fleeing through the woods where today his sheep graze; and Hajra, who found her husband’s remains in a mass grave but still has no information about her disappeared son.

Gabriele Barcaro