GA 2007 in Paris

Article published on June 21, 2007
Article published on June 21, 2007
Babelians all over Europe met in Paris to be part of the futur of Web 2.0 and our new tools have been widely discussed.

beneAdriano is commenting our propositions: Bene! Bene! Bene! These babelians have ideas! They want to launch a communication campaign with naked breasts! Bene!

in the restaurantIn the evening we could get relaxed in a restaurant with a very nice meal. Food is quite international - and wine too ;-)

a little songA little song was played for Simon, Martin and Nuala, who are leaving Adriano and Nicola have been the singers! -Let's make a CD with many more songs!

Simon will leave cafe babelSimon's last day as babelian.

You will find many more pictures here

(Credit photo: Erika)