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Article published on Sept. 28, 2011
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Article published on Sept. 28, 2011
What are you waiting for your dream to come true?

Friday the 16th of September Liv Holm Andersen’s dream came true:

She was elected for the national Parliament of Denmark for the social-liberal center party “Radikale Venstre”, which gained 17 of 179 seats in the party’s best elections since 1973:

Liv3.jpg “I’m really happy that my hard work in these 3 weeks of campaigning but also preparing the campaign for the past 2 years paid off and now I’m just looking very much forward to start working to achieve some of the goals that are part of my mission for being in politics, like for instance battling exclusion and poverty and stopping discrimination within the Danish society”, says Liv.

At the elections on the 15th of September, Denmark also got a new government since Socialists (16 seats) and Socialdemokratic Party (44 seats) took over the power from the Liberal-Conservative government that has been leading Denmark since 2001. Liv Holm Andersen's party, Radikale Venstre, supports the new government and might as well join the alliance, but there are fundamental differences that are now negotiated:

“It’s very important for us that we agree on the necessary reforms for Denmark, because if we don’t reform our economy we can as well forget about making any social differences, creating a better education system or battling the challenges as for instance in the areas of climate and health. So the negotiations are tough, but luckily more is uniting us than dividing us”, Liv assures.

Liv confesses that these days many things are new and that she is just finding her way around the Parliament. Liv Holm Andersen, who has also talked a lot to the Danish press on her first week of job:

“I’m the youngest woman in Parliament and somehow the press seems to find it very interesting that I’m a young, female student who became a politician. I’m happy to give these interviews, but I look forward to the interviews will focus on politics instead of age and gender”, says Liv and continues: “Today for instance one of the Danish tabloid-papers published an article about me with the title “Meet the princesses of parliament”, which is obviously silly, but of course it’s good to be promoted as a new politician".

Ny_FT-gruppe.jpg Radikale Venestre

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