For the second year in Sofia – the documentary film festival for human rights – ONE WORLD

Article published on Nov. 27, 2009
Article published on Nov. 27, 2009
The documentary film festival for human rights ONE WORLD starts in Sofia from 23 till 29 of November 2009. During this week we have the possibility to think about the human being, as a creature who needs love to be alive, about the nature which is everything for us, something we seem to have forgotten.
We can also imagine our world without wars, hate and violence, an united world where the most important is to be happy, to love and to be loved. A world where we live in harmony with peace, tranquility and sunlight. And that can be a world where nobody is judging you and you do not judge anybody.

Some of the screening you might see are: “Jihad for Love” by Parvez Charma, which poses the problems of a homosexual man who lives in the Muslim world; “Favela Rising”, where we see the poor quarters in Rio de Janeiro and almost taste the drugs; “I loved So Much…” – the life of a Moroccan-hippie during the colonial wars against France; “The Day After Peace” by Jeremy Gilley or how a person has the power to change the world. Also you can see “So?” and “Kazan” by the great Bulgarian producer Nikola Kovachev.

The places are: Czech Centre, French Cultural Institute, Euro-Cinema, The Red House, Art Hostel, Tea House. For more information you can visit:

Article and translation in English: Tea Bintcheva