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Article published on Dec. 6, 2006
Article published on Dec. 6, 2006

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German Paule is a true connoisseur of food. He likes to gloat about how he knows every speciality that the continent has to offer. He tells of French éclairs, Italian risotto and Spanish chorizo sausages.

Paule dreams of enjoying all these specialities locally. Our connoisseur begins his tour of culinary awakening in Russia. He wants to get to grips with the famed Russian salad, with potatoes, carrots, herbs, peas and gooseberries all thickly covered in mayonnaise. Strangely enough, it is known in Russia as a Polish salad…

Next Paule travels to Italy, where he pays a visit to the small town of Bologna, where it is imperative that he tastes an authentic Spaghetti Bolognese, as it is his favourite dish. However, his promising expectations are less than high, when the waiter hands him a plateful of ragù.

Disappointed after his travels, Paule returns to Germany and makes a final stop in the capital, Berlin. Now here, he feels he must console himself by trying a genuine mouth-watering Berliner doughnut. But as usual, Paule does not receive quite what he expected here either. For in Berlin, a Berliner is a pancake.