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Article published on May 22, 2008
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Article published on May 22, 2008
While strolling about in the Film Market, I stopped at the « Cinema from Spain » stand in order to discover and to try to understand all subtleties of it. What is the principle of the Market of film? It is an international meeting about cinema. It gathers a broad panel of the cinema professions.
Here are producers, distributors, international sales agents, actors, script writers… We are here to collaborate with other countries and to manage to satisfy the audience. On this Spanish stand, we are five institutions (Spanish Film Institute for Foreign Trade, Madrid City, Ministry for Culture, FAPAE, Catalan film and TV) and we kind of focus on coproductions. It is a rather complex process. And to understand all its subtleties, it is necessary to see the Market on a long time: the cinema industry is not stable.

Are there specificities in Cannes that don’t exist in festivals like Berlin or Venice? Yes, there are indeed. On the economic side and the politics side. Here we can observe for example an exaggeration in the prices related to some projects.

Which films found purchaser and in which country? I can say nothing on this subject. All that I can reveal is that we are here to sell films, which are in the Official Competition but also in the other sections of the Festival. We have amongst other things, Ché by Soderbergh, Maradona by Kusturica, Woody Allen's last film or Acne. Now I can’t tell you more, it is classified top secret.