Five metaphors of Europe

Article published on March 22, 2007
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Article published on March 22, 2007

This article has not been vetted by an editor at Paris HQ's readers provide us with their five top images, crystallising their vision of what Europe means to them

'Zofia, 85, was an Auschwitz prisoner in Germany, a manual labourer in the Nazi concentration camp. She escaped to Switzerland, fell in love and married another prisoner from the concentration camps'

Old Europe:

Adam Pooga, Strzegom

'When I took this photo, I realised that I wasn't alone in my European backpacking and interrail adventure. The quote on the wall was written by another group of Spanish travellers. means 'we were incredibly drunk yesterday,' and the second quote says 'We do it today - viva Aragon!' (a northeastern Spanish region by Catalonia, home to capital Zaragoza). It's a surviving fragment of very hardcore European history, but people write 'stupid' and 'funny' quotes on the wall, showing there's no time for melancholy for the past'

Evolving Europe:Vaya ciego nos pillamos ayer

Julio Rodriguez Lavado, Seville

'Young people jump in the air, whilst new sources of energy spin behind them in Eólica, the International Festival of Music and Art celebrated under the Tenerifan sun'

Europa's future:

Patricia Guillen González, Tenerife

'Eastern Europe means a possible future for the whole of Europe. The energies of Eastern youth, who want to conquer the world, opens up a variety of doors. It allows us to see further than our little Western Europe lets us at the moment'

Unrecognisable world:

Laia Gordi, Barcelona

'Europe is a network. Its knots can be different colours, textures, put together by varying strengths, but together, they becoming stronger within and between each other, and unite for a common objective'

United we stand:

Adriana Claudia Iacob, Timisoara, Romania