Five “Don’ts” When Traveling

Article published on March 24, 2011
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Article published on March 24, 2011
Rob Wilson Traveling to new destinations and experiencing new cultures is my passion. I love the surprise factor, when you land in a place you have never been to before. Also I like to experience the lifestyle of the people there. Cultures are different in different parts of the world, and that is exactly what makes these locales unique and exotic.
Right from our facial features, to the food we eat, and the ways we behave are largely governed by the culture we grow up in. Having lived on two different continents, I can confidently say culture is no joke.

I absolutely love being in a new place. Visiting the sites, interacting with the people, and living the lifestyle like the locals do is something that fascinates me and keeps me grounded, to a certain extent. Being an avid traveler over the past couple of years, I have realized that what we consider common knowledge is the very thing that gets people in trouble when they visit a new place. Here are the top 5 things that a person should not do while traveling.

1.) Do not offend the culture. Culture is a very sensitive topic in some parts of the world, especially the places that are thousands of years old. They value their culture and are extremely proud of it. As travelers visiting them, you have to be respectful of their cultures and traditions. Respect is a two-way street. Be sure to ensure you respect their culture and traditions in the same way that they have welcomed you and respected you in their world.

2.) Do not carry too many valuables. There is a reason why it is always recommended to travel light. You do not need every single item of jewelry or valuable you own when you are on vacation. Pack what is only required. That way, you have very few things to keep track of and lose. This will also ensure you avoid unnecessary attention. Whatever you do carry, do not leave it lying around, when you are not in your room. Most rooms have safes, so ensure to lock your belongings.

3.) Do not steal while traveling. Do not steal anything; even if you are not traveling, but definitely do not steal when you are traveling. You do not know the laws in the specific place you are in. If you are traveling, you know you do not have the support system you do back home. Do not indulge in anything illegal. If you think it is illegal, then do not do it. It is not worth going to jail on your vacation.

4.) Always have a picture ID on you. Do not leave your personal identification anywhere, and always have it with you. Do not give it to anybody, or leave it anywhere whatsoever. That is your ticket out of that country. Make sure to keep your passport and any other government identification with you at all times. Consider getting some form of travel insurance. It could come in handy.

5.) Do not show off your cash in front of people. Flaunting your cash is like flaunting a piece of meat in front of a tiger. You are on vacation, far away from home. You do not know who is safe and who is not. You are increasing your danger by flaunting your cash and expensive belongings.

Common sense is so overrated in today’s world. People tend to think they are invincible and that feeling of invulnerability seems to increase when not at home. Remember to follow the five rules above and have a wonderful vacation, one that you will remember forever for the right reasons.