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Article published on May 4, 2007
Article published on May 4, 2007
Allow me to introduce myself and my aims for this page... I am a 26 year old British freelance writer and journalist who after spending several years studying, living and working in various places in the European Union is currently based back in his native North East of England.

I have been on the writing list at Babel for the last few years, covering a range of topics as well as making a number of contributions to print media. I see this blog as an extension of my other writing work - a chance to rant, pontificate and comment on events as they happen and maybe even add something to the debate myself...

Initially this blog will be written in English, but as time allows I aim to launch a sister French language version. More details shortly.

I welcome the input from readers of this blog, so please leave comments.

I speak English (mother tongue), French and Spanish.

Happy reading