Few things you shouldn’t miss out on living in a student’s dorm

Article published on March 1, 2010
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Article published on March 1, 2010
Author: Ana Alibegova

Living in a dormitory can sometimes be the best option: you have plenty of opportunity to meet a lot of new people, to experience a proper student life and to party on the weekends. But, if you prefer to study hard, sometimes the noise echoing from the corridors can be a problem for you. However, nobody can deny the fact that living in a dorm is the best option for international students, first and foremost because it is cheaper and secondly you will have some friends around whenever you start feeling homesick. So, if your choice is a student dormitory, then you should not forget to:

1. Go to a student’s party

This is a must. You haven’t been abroad, if you haven’t been to a student’s party. Cheap drinks, loud music, cool atmosphere and a lot of young people – these are the first associations that pop up in my mind when it comes to student parties. Especially popular are the thematic parties, you may go to a pyjama party, a traffic light party (where people in a relationship wear red, the ones in an open relationship wear yellow and the singles wear green), a Halloween party, etc. If you are an international student or an intern in Germany, during the carnival season in February, be sure to visit some of the dorm bars, especially in the North-Rhein Westfallen region. The student parties are well know for being events where you can get to know a lot of people, but be sure that you are completely sober so that you able to memorize everybody’s phone numbers. The Erasmus student parties enjoy great popularity, attracting a lot of international students at one place. So, the conclusion would be: you shouldn’t miss out on a student’s party!

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