Fesser’s Camino rivets San Sebastian audiences

Article published on Sept. 29, 2008
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Article published on Sept. 29, 2008
Tangible proof of how a religious organisation can condition the lives of its members is well documented. With Camino [trailer] (“Path”), in the official selection of the San Sebastian Film Festival, Javier Fesser shows how this radicalisation is condemnable from any perspective.

The film, during its 143 imperceptible minutes, forces the viewer to experience the agony of a girl condemned to death by an incurable illness. A true story, Camino was inspired by a 14-year-old named Alexia whose family was affiliated with Opus Dei. The path it speaks of is that of a human being who passes away thanking God for the gift received: a painful death.

Camino has pulled off a miracle. A miracle that the characters invoke throughout the entire film to save the life of an innocent person. Yet in the film the laws of life follow their natural course, which comes as no surprise, for the director deals with his issues fearlessly, exposing them from the very beginning of the film, as only great artists can.

MediaPro, in co-production with Peliculas Pendelton, confirms its penchant for risky but coherent projects while distributor Enrique Gónzalez Macho of Alta Films proves his courage and talent once again.

Camino is on the right track for the Golden Shell, the Goyas and commercial success.

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