Female (and why not men) Entrepreneurs and the 5 Biggest Obstacles in Business Start-Ups to Overcome

Article published on Oct. 10, 2010
Article published on Oct. 10, 2010
An interesting article about entrepreneurship: A guest article by Alex Papa, Founder of Business Opportunities Expo at The Next Women Diane Wakoski a renowned poet once said, “Learning to live with what you’re born with is the process, the involvement, the making of a life”.

Entrepreneurship may be inherent, as an inborn element that is structured within your DNA, nonetheless it is the walking through the process of becoming a fully fledged entrepreneur is a part of your journey, and true fulfilment is realized when you succeed in your business ventures.

But the road toward success is never smooth; there will be hurdles, obstacles and seemingly insurmountable challenges along the way.

As a successful entrepreneur I have observed the fatal errors made by a multitude of entrepreneurs, and these critical mistakes tarnished the dreams of a host of potential success stories. To allow your entrepreneurship to flourish, you will need to take cognizance of what these fatal errors are:

Is Your Idea Feasible? Humans are creative beings who possess a deep well of ideas. But often one idea marks the end of a woman’s entrepreneurial journey. The exhilaration of a new business idea evokes haste, and leads to the birth of a new business that inevitably fails. This failure is a result of not conducting a thorough feasibility study. Often this initial failure cripples the desire to try again, and silences the dream forever.

Before pursuing any business venture it is imperative to perform an exhaustive feasibility study. A feasibility study is essentially the collection of data that assists in forecasting whether an idea is viable. It precedes any other planning activities, and once the feasibility of an idea is assessed, a calculated decision can be made on whether to implement the idea or abandon it.

You Are Not Inferior!

Seek Wise Counsel The wisdom of the wise can carry your business to greater heights.

Trust is Earned

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